Brush Box Stars 28.11.2012


I’ve always thought brush box was a sad choice of street tree.

I have friends who love them and they’re a tree as tough as old boots – but there are soooooo many of them.

They haven’t ever struck me as good for much apart from habitat for poor old myna birds. Council and Ausgrid electricity like them because they can be pruned under wires.

They look very stupid pruned but so many council or energy workers have not a jot of taste.

Well this year the trees are surpassing themselves.

Some of them are so beautiful in flower. Usually their flowers are subtle but not this year.

Are there male and female trees? Did it rain just the right amount?

As usual double-click to enlarge.





One Response to “Brush Box Stars 28.11.2012”

  1. Clare Says:

    nice to find beauty where you don’t expect it 🙂

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