On the ball 28.11.2012


 At last night’s Council meeting, Cr Rufo, one of the new councillors, elected on the ‘Community one’ ticket, said that he had noticed some construction work in Laman Street.

He asked if there was a plan and budget in place.

He wasn’t joking…

And elsewhere in the CBD there’s a story about a heritage facade.

The DA for this building, at 5-7 Darby Street, apparently said preserve the facade. The builder/developer/someone mistook that for destroy the facade.

So a community member wrote to Council, according to their post on facebook,  who said it should not have happened and that the developer/builder/whoever has been told to replace the facade and that Council has approved the choice of bricks.

All within the space of about 10 days. Pretty impressive speed.

Let’s all wait and see if it works out OK. And when we think the facade looks like crap, let’s whine about it for a few minutes then go back to watching Masterchef.

Yeah right.

And for another  small, sad scandalous tree story see Saving Our Trees. Someone in the tree team at Marrickville Council allegedly can’t tell the difference between a eucalyptus nicholli and a Hill’s fig. And I thought our tree team were funny.

That’s funny-peculiar. Never funny-ha-ha.


Photo by Matthew Glen Ward

Adamstown Organic grocer mural


One Response to “On the ball 28.11.2012”

  1. By the people, for the people........ya think? Says:

    Jesus! …….where do they get these people?

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