Nothing better to do


I hear the police are at tonight’s Council meeting.

Couldn’t discuss appalling CSG crap without them.



3 Responses to “Nothing better to do”

  1. David Horkan Says:

    They would have been disappointed. Most of the regrettably small band of smelly placard wavers behaved with decorum beyond the occasional snigger and gasp of disbelief. The entertaining exception was a well-known campaigner who was asked to leave by Council security after a couple of interjections. He did so with a parting shot along the lines of ‘they couldn’t lie straight in bed’. The Lord Mayor told us that we are expected to listen with ‘dignity and silence’ (sic).

  2. Caity Raschke Says:

    Thanks David. And when I say ‘crap’ I should have said ‘Dart crap’.

  3. Terry McCauley Says:

    I received a text of their presence, sorry I missed the entertainment!

    More importantly, has someone who was present sent off a letter to the editor or similar note for printing in the herald of the waste of resources of our Police to control a small bunch of riff-raff?

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