Mulching programme fail 25.11.2012


imageIn the time I’ve been consciously noticing¬† large Newcastle trees – which is now three years – this poor bloody fig in Glebe Rd Adamstown has never been mulched.

My theory is there’s some development coming so it’s in the way. Let it sicken and die. Just a theory. So much for diarising when trees need some care.

They’ll tell you it’s supposed to happen every two years.

Double-click to enlarge

And here is the Post’s take on Lord Mayor McPigShooter’s scary phone call to Cr Dunn. I was pleased to hear about it from an older friend who doesn’t read the Herald online and so missed the opportunity to hear the audio.

Love that the journalist mentions his attempts at distraction.

And this Tuesday 27th November there will be a couple of interesting things on at Council. The projected $2million deficit will be discussed.

Apparently there was a greater-than-expected uptake of the wasteful new recycling bins – they’re kidding, aren’t they? Like people had a choice.

And since Council sold the car parks in the CBD, revenue has dropped by $300 000 or so. AND Council will have to pay to lease car parks back from the buyer.

Get the train. Or better still, stay in your office and do some work.

And a notice of motion proposing a review of the Urban Forest policy is late on the agenda. Since NCC pride themselves on being the first Council on the country to have developed such a policy and assert that they manage their tree assets better than anyone else, this would be a really interesting thing to have done.

How lucky are we in comparison to the poor people in Marrickville LGA where it is proposed to chop down 1600 trees. The people behind the move there mention risk as one of their reasons. Risk schmisk.

Might see you there. as usual you can turn up any time, leave when you like, wear what you like. McPigShooter would have some people believe you can’t clap but good luck imposing that on the gallery.

And nothing to do with anything, but here’s a video that was apparently made as an ad for Coca Cola. CCTVs are always popular with a section of the community. They film some Cool Stuff apparently. Home


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