Lovely evening 22.11.2012


This is one of the new Hill’s figs in the Dumaresq St, Hamilton row of what Council call heritage figs.


Council actually worked on this street to fix flooding. The trees were spin. And they took eighteen months to do it. Typical.

Such a shame the trees weren’t replaced as soon they were taken out, whenever that was. Anyone know how the size of this tree compares to the figs planned for Laman St? Anyone care any more?

In Arthur Park in Adamstown figs are being replaced with liquidambars and a tupelo. Bad luck, birds and bats.

And after Jeff McCloy’s rant about Council’s alleged overstaffing comes the disgusting news that half the cleaning staff have been let go.

Other staff feel their days are numbered but you can bet the chainsaw will miss the top of the tree.

Council could save hundreds of thousands of undeserved dollars if they just let senior managers go.

No one would miss them.

The pre-Christmas do at the Croatian Club was fantastic last night. Great food, lots of Soupie volunteers for cooking and cleaning up, and great music from Afro Moses. And the company was spectacular.

Apologies to friends to whom I talked way too fast and way too long.


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3 Responses to “Lovely evening 22.11.2012”

  1. By the people, for the people........ya think? Says:

    The pre-Christmas catch up was great last night. Great to see some well known, friendly faces. The food was tops! thanks to those that cooked it up for the community and great to hear Afro Moses with his positive message for the people, as always.

    Quote: “Other staff feel their days are numbered but you can bet the chainsaw will miss the top of the tree.”

    No power cables interfering with THAT canopy growth.

  2. JeromeRyan Says:

    we all spent alot of time conversing. I tried to leave 3 times! Just about out the door.And guess who rocks up? “RODERICK” a friend. I see him most days at natural tucker. Thanks for the evening.See u again.

  3. Shani Sandner Says:

    So disappointed I did not go.!!!!!!!

    I will always look back on my fig days as some of the best of my life. I miss you all. I still have the most amazing photos of the protests at the town hall….even though things did not go as we all wanted…..we know we all tried.
    I am so glad I am able to keep track of everything going on in Newcastle.

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