Pre-Christmas Figgies get-together Wed 21st Nov


This Wednesday at the Croatian Club we’re having pre-Christmas food and drinks. 6pm. Should be lovely.Feel free to volunteer to prepare the food and clean up afterwards. Eat for a gold coin donation. Albert Street Wickham.

This reminds me of the charette – or the Laman Street Working Party – or that ridiculous presentation to UPDAC in July 2011

The other things coming up are: Politics in the pub tomorrow at the Hamilton Station hotel – on terrorism – what a shame  it always clashes with Council. And being wrung out after work. Is that just me? But I digress.

And a peaceful demonstration in front of Tim Owen’s office about shooting in National Parks, which is becoming a national disgrace:thanks to the Greens for this media release:

On 27th June 2012, the NSW Government voted in changes that allow amateur, recreational hunting to occur in national parks. This vote was not publicly challenged by any National or Liberal Member of Parliament. The National Parks Association of NSW invites you to attend a peaceful rally to help send the message ‘No Hunting in National Parks’.

When: 12:00pm, Thursday 6th December 2012

Where: Outside the Member for Newcastle, Tim Owen’s office

414 Hunter Street, Newcastle

Why:     It has been announced that hunting will take place in up to 79 of our national parks from Australia Day, 26th January 2013. The National Parks Association of NSW is working with other interest groups and the community to repeal the changes that allow this by the next state election.

Speakers for the event will be:

David Shoebridge, MLC for the Greens

Justin McKee, Campaign Coordinator for the National Parks Association of NSW

Representative from the Public Service Association

Nicola Bowskill, The Wilderness Society Newcastle

Bring:    Placards and banners and a peaceful attitude. We remind everyone that it is an offence to block foot traffic on the pavement, so please position yourself appropriately at the event.


To remind you about some of the features of duck hunting (which is, of course, not the specific issue, but whatever), here’s a video shot in Victoria. The assailant entered a guilty plea in court. Nice bloke. Reminds me, although Laman Street was on a lesser scale, of some of the people we came across in Newcastle: the sort of blokes who think trees should be chopped down if ‘do-gooders’ want to keep them. [I’m having issues embedding this video. Apologies. And you may not want to watch it. All animal cruelty videos are awful to watch.]

<p><a href=”″>Victorian Duck Shooter Abuse – Coalition Against Duck Shooting</a> from <a href=””>Fair Projects</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>



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