Listen to the Lord Mayor’s friendly reminder to another Councillor


Please listen to our great leader telling Cr Dunn that he will ‘get what he deserves’ on the Herald’s website. The Herald call this straight talking in their poll. No wonder the subeditors were banished to New Zealand.

And the man it’s all about, Mr Josh Hodges, is here: claiming on facebook already to be the chief of staff, even though applications don’t close till next weekHome


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2 Responses to “Listen to the Lord Mayor’s friendly reminder to another Councillor”

  1. architectgja Says:

    In some circles, people who make threats are considered bullies or thugs. People who make threats while being obviously recorded are demonstrating a serious lack of connection with reality.

    “Straight talking”..? Cr Dunn did the right thing by exposing this obscene act, kudos to him. There is a world of difference between straight talking and a threat to intimidate someone or suppress process.

  2. Clare Says:

    The last line says it all ‘‘My time is being bogged down with entry to swimming pools when we’ve got a $20million deficit,’’ he said. A issue which is actually important to people is disregarded as a mere annoyance. I guess it’s not a multi-million dollar project that he can show off to his mates

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