Gregson Park ii 4.11.2012


I went to have a look at Gregson Park yesterday to see which trees are going. Might see you there listening to a Council mouthpiece on Wednesday. Or not.

The Council letter-boxed the neighbourhood to give locals the opportunity to find out about the trees that are going.  Thanks to a friend for showing me the coloured flyer she received.

The tiny video below shows one of the trees on the western side of the park that’s going. I note one of the replacement trees is to be a taxodium distichum. I ask myself – why? Replace a native with an exotic. Replace a fig minding its own business in a park, not in a footpath or a road, with a tree from the US. One going cheap is it? There are too many conifers in this town already. At least it’s not a magnolia, I suppose.

And away from Newcastle, a commemorative¬† avenue of poplars in Braidwood in the ACT has been under threat for some years. Some eejit in power decided they were a traffic hazard – ring any bells? : but I think there actually were some accidents, unlike in Laman St – and wanted to remove them but the locals aren’t having a bar of it.

And Anzac Parade in Canberra is threatened with renewal.

And in non-tree news I was impressed to find out that only 4% of Sweden’s garbage ends up in landfill. What are we doing here?

5.11.2012: thanks Terry for letting me know about the broken Sweden link. Here’s another version of the story which says only 1% – yes, only one per cent – of the country’s garbage ends up as landfill.




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One Response to “Gregson Park ii 4.11.2012”


    Morning Caity,

    The link for the Sweden story is not working, shame as that sounded like an interesting dilemma to face! Will have to get along to Gregson Park this Wednesday for the information session, could be interesting!

    Terry McCauley

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