Go straight to the top 10.10.12


I thought writing to Tidy Tim Owen was such a waste of time that I’d be better off writing to some ministers.

You’d think, wouldn’t you? Let’s see what happens. I wrote to the Minister for the Environment about  flying foxes soon after she was elected. I think I’m still waiting for her reply.

And I emailed the Minister for local government just before the vandals moved into Laman Street: to get a reply I had to send the email more than once then call and fight with two nothing people before some smooth evil lackey fobbed me off.

This is what I wrote to the Premier and a few others – and in the spirit of fun, before I post it, here’s a pop quiz: who’s the minister for the Hunter?

Dear x: I note that the State Office Block in Newcastle is to be sold off.

I also note that funds from this sale will fund housing. IN SYDNEY.

Could I remind you that since the election in which Newcastle voters chose a LNP member for the first time in  a hundred years, there have been no gains for Newcastle. The city has been just as neglected as it was under the ALP.

The Regional Gallery’s request for $7 million has been rejected and there has been no funding allocation to preserve the beautiful heritage Post Office building whose demise was begun by a LNP government – that of John Howard.

I disagree with selling public assets for short-term gains but since it will happen I believe your government needs to put some thought into where your funds will go.

Likewise I note that $20 million will be spent on giving our roads numbers instead of names. The same amount of money that this will cost is needed for heritage sandstone maintenance on Newcastle’s City Hall.

Where are your priorities? It would seem not in Newcastle.

Caitlin Raschke
From the Herald today:

Newcastle Herald

City office block set for sell-off

Author: Michelle Harris
Date: 10/10/2012
Words: 154
Source: NCH
Publication: Newcastle Herald
Section: News
Page: 15

A BLOCK of state government offices in Newcastle will be sold off as part of an effort to raise $300 million for infrastructure to help kick start housing construction.Premier Barry O’Farrell said yesterday government buildings, including a block in Bull Street, Cooks Hill, would be sold to help fund infrastructure that would boost the state’s sluggish construction rate.
The government committed $181 million in its June budget to a new housing acceleration fund, but the list of sites did not include any in the Hunter.
Mr O’Farrell told a budget estimates hearing yesterday the sale would include a retention value so there would be no “fire sale” of the assets.
But Greens MP John Kaye said the government would have to waste money on renting offices.
Property Council of Australia NSW regional director Andrew Fletcher said the sale made sense.’
The government will announce the next round of sites in next year’s budget.



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