Mr Owen’s wise words 3.10.2012


So I wrote back to Mr Owen (see recent post) and he was kind enough to reply to my concerns:

10/3/2012 1:51 am I wrote:


Here’s a tip: the corollary of ‘We are going to change this city’ is ‘We don’t like this city’.

You may need to ask your spin doctors to write you a script for that.

And in terms if inaction, I took a poll of people I know over the long weekend. I asked them to tell me what you and/or the LNP have Done For Newcastle and the Hunter over the last year and a half or however long it’s been since you were elected because I couldn’t think of anything.

I thought perhaps I’d just been too busy […]

No one I know could think of anything.

The ALP have never done this area any favours, but if you think your party is going to be any different, you’re fooling yourself. You don’t fool me.

  • You couldn’t/wouldn’t save Laman Street. And to top it off, you spent the days the riot police came sitting in a van with Council admin staff. Bizarre.
  • You don’t have funding to fix the Town Hall.
  • The State rejected funding for the Art Gallery.
  • The State govt are making noises about whether there are funds to save the Post Office. None have been allocated.
  • Newcastle won’t get a container terminal. Duh.
  • You’ve just cut funding for art and music at TAFE.
  • Sharon Grierson in the Herald claims you’ve decreased funding for apprenticeships/manufacturing training.
  • Dropped mentoring programme funding for high schools.
  • cut an astounding amount from the education and health budgets
  • You were nowhere to be seen when Fullerton Cove was in trouble.
  • The LNP took days to alert Stockton about chromium.
  • The LNP is making ALP-like noises about watering down agricultural land safeguards in the Hunter.
  • After years in Opposition bagging Part 3A of the Planning Laws, it seems planning will be even worse, with less input by Councils and the community.
  • You’ve made it plain you support closing the rail line while Nick Greiner threatens that no money for light rail will be forthcoming – but it’s OK:  people can ‘hop’ on a bus. You do realise, don’t you, that the reason developers want to cut the rail line is because it’s the only land in Newcastle that’s not undermined? What we will get if the rail line is cut is another Honeysuckle: just a newer, less architecturally interesting, linear development like Hunter Street. There will be no connection with the harbour – it will be the Crowne Plaza’s destruction of a view corridor all over again.
  • I note you claim to be making representations to Destination NSW on behalf of the region, but changes in planning laws that favour mining over wine will damage any positive contribution that such representations could claim to have made.
  • The LNP implied that privatising energy was not something they approved of while in Opposition: turncoats once you’re elected.
  • And don’t start me on health: cancer services in desperate need: thanks for nothing there.
  •  And I recently had a patient wait THREE YEARS for an appointment in orthopedic outpatients at the John Hunter. Forget surgical waiting lists: we need outpatient waiting lists.
  • […]


Date: Wed, 3 Oct 2012 08:58:33 +1000

You are entitled to your opinion.
Kind Regards
Am I underwhelmed or what? In more ways than one.

TG it’s not beige



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2 Responses to “Mr Owen’s wise words 3.10.2012”

  1. architectgja Says:

    I hope Mr. Owen did not over tax his energies in that detailed and considered reply, Caity. Apparently, while elected to represent all of the people, he represents some of the people.

    …bourgeois, n’est ce pas?

    Good job in holding him accountable.

  2. Terry McCauley Says:

    And for those elected politicians that chose to ignore there electorate constitutes there is the more than iminent danger of not being re-elected at the next poll. Maybe our Member Tim should have a word or two with those non-returned Councillors from NCC about their recent experiences!

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