Another view of vandalism




5 Responses to “Another view of vandalism”

  1. Jacky Says:

    This is a sad town. 😦

  2. Boganville Says:

    Was it the christians?
    “HUNTER churches are joining forces this weekend to provide volunteer work for community projects that are in need of urgent attention…Some of the projects getting started include graffiti removal and window cleaning of Hunter street business properties”
    “Churches Unite for working bee” – Newcastle Herald 22/09/12

    • Caity Raschke Says:

      I heard Rotary was going to have something to do with it. Don’t know if it was Christians as well. They would in my view have chosen the S&W Miller spot because it was visible. What would have been wrong with say the railway fence near TAFE, to name just one site, and what would have been wrong with finding some artist volunteers or fundraising to pay some artists to do some graffiti-repelling murals?.

      • Boganville Says:

        The now ex-24 hour chemist building, cnr hunter and National Park St, also had its murals painted over last weekend. People in flouro jackets can do anything…

  3. Caity Raschke Says:

    That was a nice wall. The taggers will be busy.

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