Oxygen Thief 22.9.2012


One can post anything on Facebook without verification, so the following could be a Big Fat Lie, but this post, put up yesterday, purports to be ex-Councillor Cook’s take on the makeup of the new council and how he had Something To Do With It.

Delusions of grandeur.

No doubt everyone who’s interested knows now that the new Council is made up of 4 ALP, 2 Greens, McCloy, 1 jockey, 1 Community 1 Independent and 4 Liberals.

You could be forgiven for not knowing: the Herald hadn’t printed it as breaking news yesterday and I gave up on NBN TV news last night when the weather came on. You forget how little importance people place on local government.

Anyway, here’s Bob Baby, icky as it is:

The news about the makeup of the new Newcastle Council.
Someone expressed sympathy to me for not being re-elected but was surprised by my obvious relief and delight.
Months ago when some of my colleagues in the last council were discussing our political options, retirement was an obvious choice, but we all agreed that to walk away would assist more Greens to be elected, especially in wards 3 and 4. So we all did our bit to keep them out.
Therefore I am exceptionally pleased that Green chestnuts Parsons and Sutton have been excluded, thanks to carefully placed preferences – our little parting gesture for the new council and the people of Newcastle. (Sorry about Robbo).
End result – Labor 4, Liberals 4, Independent 2, Greens 2, and Jeff McCloy in charge of this mess. Wish them all luck.




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One Response to “Oxygen Thief 22.9.2012”

  1. disillusioned Says:

    Wow! …….no that’s right, we wouldn’t want too many people on council who care for the earth/environment and um, what do you call it again,yep democracy! Christ we couldn’t have that!

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