Petition that worked


The goss I hear is that 10 000 people signed a petition to stop the Super Trawler and the environment minister took notice.

Shame about our petition of THIRTEEN THOUSAND.

Did you know that the fish that is ‘wasted’ in commercial fishing is called euphemistically ‘bycatch’.

According to Jonathon Safran Froer if your plate of sushi also held the bycatch that is ‘wasted’ to harvest it the plate would be five feet across.

Sad. And off topic.

So a good petition. Home



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One Response to “Petition that worked”

  1. chatty Says:

    ………..and i think the petition was on-line. I know i signed it on-line. The largest portion of the 13,300 signature Laman Street petition was signed by hand. These people were personal with Laman Street.

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