After-Party. Not. 9.9.12


Thanks Ed Glatfelter-Jones.

Cr Nuatali Nelmes has conceded defeat to the man who bought the voters of Newcastle, developer Jeff McCloy.

Three Liberals have so far been elected it seems – please let the two new ones be better than Brad Luke who’s there now. Talk about a waste of space. Brad, I mean.

The jockey joker introduced by Cr Buman, ‘Robbo’, has been elected in Ward 4. That takes the cake. Who would be so lacking in circumspection as to vote for him? A bunch of people apparently.

Can anyone remind me which charities will be the beneficiaries of the new Lord Mayor’s salary (which is way too small, considering that that other waste of space the General Manager gets over $300 ooo)? Remember, he’s going to donate it. Because he’s so rich he doesn’t need the money.

Can I suggest Rising Tide or Lock the Gate?

Wonder how Mrs McWhatever will cope with being the Lady Mayoress.


All but one of the councillors who voted to suppress the truth of the Laman Street fig trees look as though they’re gone. A small consolation.




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One Response to “After-Party. Not. 9.9.12”

  1. chatty Says:

    i thought i’d catch the 6pm news last night and keep up with the progress of our local election. At 6.20pm and football still raging away on NBN, i figured the news wasn’t coming on. I called the station to see where the news went and apparently they put it on at 5pm, 1 hour earlier just for that day.

    So typical of Newcastle it seems, that the football is more important than the elections….. on the day of the elections! While i wouldn’t suggest as much hooha as the yanks go on with, i doubt the hockey or grid iron will upstage their elections! i wonder how Obama is doing? i think i’ll watch NBN tonight and find out!

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