Save us from Jeff – or Punch-ups and Preferences


The Lone Pine – trussed up pathetically by NCC


Can I recommend handing out how  to votes on election day as a great way to spend a few hours.

Had a great chat to a man who migrated here from South Africa.
How  lucky are we to live in a country where many people find voting an imposition.

So one of the high points today was that I shook hands with a rabid anti-fig councillor, Brad Luke. Reminded him we hate each other. He said he doesn’t hate anyone; I said I do. I’m guessing he read so little about the trees that he doesn’t even know the names of the pro-fig people.

And I’m wearing sunscreen provided by Jeff McCloy. It’s a long story.

But the best story is that there was alleged to be a fistfight between two Buman candidates and that Robbo the jockey – the ward 4 aspirant who’s never been to a council meeting yet and whose platform consists of a desire to avoid any regulation getting between a developer and a completed development – who was recruited by Buman is wearing a Jeff McCloy T-shirt and has preferenced McCloy instead of Buman, apparently at the last minute.

I look forward to finding out when his how to vote cards were submitted and what the penalty is if they weren’t submitted in time.

And if Jeff McCloy becomes Lord Mayor how long do you think it will be before he has learned the rules of meeting practice?

Jeff McCloy becoming Lord Mayor is up there with the takeaway store in Carrington that wants to have topless waitresses. Ick.




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4 Responses to “Save us from Jeff – or Punch-ups and Preferences”

  1. Keith Says:

    That may explain why McCloy gave the Libs first preference in Wards 1,2 & 3 but in Ward 4 preferenced Robinson (not “Robbo”, it makes him sound like a lovable larrikin rather than a dangerous uber-fuckwit) above the Libs.


  2. David Horkan Says:

    Given a choice I’d go for the topless waitresses.

  3. David Horkan Says:

    One lady arrived at the Kotara booth where I was working with a hand-written list of those Councillors standing for re-election who voted against the independent assessmeht for the Laman St.,Figs. .She scrutinised the various ‘How to Votes’ minutely to be sure that she didn’t inadvertently assist them in any way.

  4. chatty Says:

    Aaron Buman lives in Carrington. He also owns the Racecoarse Hotel in Ward 4 where you can experience being waited on by topless women in lingerie on Wednesday nights. Does he own the takeaway in carrington too, do you think?

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