Sign of the times 7.9.2012



Voters Reminded of the Malignant Seven (minus one)

Signs naming the councillors who voted to fell the healthy Laman Street fig trees appeared on the trees’ stumps tonight, overlooking Civic Park and looking down on Town Hall.

‘Thanks to the people who put up these signs, whoever they are, just days before this important election,’ said Caity Raschke from Save Our Figs.

‘A friend who was walking his dog phoned me to tell me the signs were up so I went to take a look.

‘While these councillors deserve to be forgotten, their names need to be in people’s minds when they cast their vote on Saturday, so they can put them LAST.

‘Some of these men aren’t contesting this election but we’re still in danger of three of them returning to council. What a terrible thing that would be.

‘Nice to see the signwriters, like the rest of Newcastle, have forgotten Graham Boyd already. He didn’t rate a sign of his own.’



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One Response to “Sign of the times 7.9.2012”

  1. architectgja Says:

    Not that anyone is likely to forget, but who running for council/mayor agreed to this wanton waste, gave a radio interview riddled with inaccurate statistics on the matter to justify this vandalism and is now suggesting the closure of libraries to cover the cost? At least he is not yet complaining of how the populace smells.

    Vote for those who will improve Newcastle, not destroy it, and who will work openly and honestly with the Community.

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