Smelly individuals and SNAGs 5.9.2012


Magnolia dwarfed by beautiful native

I’ve tried three times today to upload last night’s video of sensitive new age guy, Jeff McCloy.

Obviously without success so here’s a link to the Herald video.

Takes three minutes to watch. You can hear the highly offended crowd in mine a little better because I was in the thick of it, (the crowd)  telling him how appalled we were. The source of the disquiet?  My favourite quotes from MCloy were that if John Sutton (Greens) said the word COMMUNITY  one more time, McCloy would throw up and you can’t just make decisions for 100 PLACARD WAVING SMELLY INDIVIDUALS.

What a visionary.

Most of the candidates disappointed me when they were asked about their views on confidential councillor meetings. Presumably the occasional meeting needs to be secret because of commercial-in-confidence twaddle but most wouldn’t need to be anything but completely transparent.

One independent said that if members of the community wanted to go to council meetings in the afternoon they should Get A Life.

She also said that she feels micromanaged if she’s under scrutiny. And she doesn’t perform at her best when she ‘s like this so supports secrecy.

Aaron Buman was heckled when he floated his plan to sell libraries. Popular. NOT.

And our Rich Mate has mentioned lawyers again – I say again because he said to me when I asked him a question about whether he’d cleared rainforest for his barramundi farm that he’d successfully sued the guy who asked him about that last time and he’d happily do it again.

Well, last night, some lawyers would have been happy because SNAG boy is sicking lawyers onto Cr Nelmes, his major opponent in the Lord Mayoral race.


And in case you can’t remember who was toxic about Laman Street:

Cook: running a group called Your Independents. I think. Just wasted three minutes of my life watching his ‘Vote for me if you dare’ video. Nothing good to say about him.

Boyd – council career over. Good riddance.

Buman – running in Ward 1 as a councillor – even though he was quoted as saying people on the coast are whingers – and as Lord Mayor.

King – council career over but running Buman’s campaign.

Sharpe: running number 2 to Buman in ward 1 – in other words, council carer over. The only councillor to vote against the saving of the Regal Cinema. What a great bloke.

Connell – thinks of himself as  benign but missed crucial votes and refused to help at the end with a rescission motion. Moronically said it was about safety when a toddler could see it wasn’t. Council career over. Liked manager Frank Cordingley. WTF.

Jackson – ALP turncoat who joined the Liberal Party. Supported the figs in the beginning but then tied himself in knots trying to get rid of them. Running no 2 in ward 4 and running the Liberal campaign, I think. Can’t be taken seriously.

Luke: Liberal, ward 2. Will probably get back in IF WARD 2 PEOPLE DON’T WATCH OUT. And even if they do. Name me a positive contribution made by him. Never answered one of my emails. Ignored the Premier’s offer of an arborist and had to fight for preselection in spite of having spent a term on council so how much faith do his colleagues have in him? Tall. His only redeeming feature. But since he’s sitting down at council meetings, doesn’t save him.

Hope I haven’t forgotten anyone.

And watch where you put your preferences: VOTE BELOW THE LINE so your preferences aren’t wasted and if you don’t know who someone is DON’T VOTE FOR THEM.

And after some of these losers go, I’ll remember them and remind people about them.

This is for Susie:



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One Response to “Smelly individuals and SNAGs 5.9.2012”

  1. stephen costigan Says:

    Well put – couldn’t agree more with the assessment. Mr McCloy’s talk about ‘getting the job done’ sounds very similar to what the above councillors used to say about being voted in to make decisions. They are voted in to represent the aspirations and concerns of the community. They never got it – that’s where the dysfunction lay – and McCloy doesn’t either.

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