Dead wood



I hear tbe treeloppers in Maitland Rd, Islington Park
have been surprised at how little dead wood there is.

Which is what we untrained people thought.

Wonder which dead wood wrote the report that prompted the job.


One Response to “Dead wood”

  1. Jacky Says:

    I went by yesterday and thought what a waste of ratepayer’s money.
    They were cutting small branches that were no more than 20mm in diametre with secatuers on an extension pole.
    If this “deadwood” fell no one or anything would be harmed. To spend 2 weeks on this is unnecessary. I have trees the size of these figs and the arborist I use to advise me on deadwooding my trees would never suggest I waste money getting twigs 20mm in diametre removed. My arborist has much higher qualifications that any of the NCC staff and any of the Waratah Professional Tree Service workers that are contracted by NCC to deadwood the figs in Islington park.
    NCC raised our rates above the recommended 5%, so I guess they have money to burn now.
    Fucking arsehole council that we have.

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