Islington Park media release 27.8.2012


Swan St is where deadwooding is needed

MEDIA RELEASEHeritage fig trees in Islington Park to be pruned

‘WE’RE WATCHING YOU’ say Laman Street campaigners

Newcastle City Council have announced that work will start on deadwooding the Moreton Bay fig trees lining Maitland Road in Islington this week.The work is expected to take several weeks.

‘Laman Street campaigners remain suspicious of any attention given by Council to large trees,’ said Dr Caitlin Raschke
from Save Our Figs, ‘and we’re asking residents to keep a watchful eye out during the time the treeloppers are in the park.

‘I’m surprised this work is to take such a long time,’ said Dr Caitlin Raschke from Save Our Figs, ‘and after Council’s unnecessary vandalism of Laman Street, I’m concerned that the work may involve more than just the removal of dead wood.

‘When we inspected the trees after news came through that these trees were in the spotlight, we could see very little dead wood, and it’s hard to see where tree loppers could spend weeks working on them.

‘We have to ensure that the trees aren’t damaged or destabilised and that healthy wood isn’t removed.


‘If people see excessive pruning they should ring Council’s general manager and complain.

‘Newcastle is watching.’


Photo by Fee Mozeley. A sign on a mature fig in Brisbane Botanic Gardens.


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