Dates for your calendar 27.8.2012


In Fullerton Cove, Dart Energy have refused to delay drilling, even though the EDO is taking the issue to the Land and Environment court.

So the wait for the riot police is on. Call in if you can. It’s easy to find – 397 Fullerton Cove Rd – and it’s a lovely peaceful drive – especially early in the morning and at sunset. The Family Fun Day was a great success on Sunday with 400 visitors.

A spokesman for Dart, perhaps not their most sensitive employee, was quoted in the Herald today as saying the protestors need to choose between jumping castles and jobs.

The job thing is an old argument that doesn’t wash with too many people – anyway, I’m sure the residents would choose a proper environmental assessment.

This week Laman Street closes: ‘Work to relocate public utilities in Laman Street to allow for replacement fig trees to be planted as part of a plaza style, pedestrian-friendly street gets underway this week. This will take approximately eight weeks and the road will be closed from Monday 3 September until late 2013.’

Not sure about the arithmetic there, but the brains at Council can’t get so many things right: why would this  be any different? I believe the tree stumps are staying for many months to come. WTF and all that.

Wednesday night 29.8.2012 is a public forum about the King Edward Park overdevelopment. It starts at 6 and is in the Mulubimba Room at the Town Hall.

And an update on the lumberjacks in Islington Park – here’s an eyewitness account of a visit by one resident:

I went up this morning at about 8.15 or so and asked them to point out the dead wood to me. When I commented that it all looked pretty healthy to me or something similar like “oh you mean where all the green leaves are?”, one I’d them said “what are you all worried about?”  I said we were concerned that Laman St might happen again a few of them told me to “f*** off”, which was lovely to hear.


And another story:

‘X spoke with Y from Waratah Tree Services who are doing the work.
He assured them they are only contracted to do dead wood. Although he said he would want to cut the branches over Maitland Rd.’

Confirms most of my impressions of treeloppers. Lucky they’re not being paid to think.



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