We know where the dead wood is 24.8.2012 – Video


Thanks to my great friend from Islington who told me about the Troubles coming to Newcastle’s loveliest row of Moreton Bay figs.

She tells me that Newcastle City Council will start SEVERAL WEEKS of what they allege is removing dead wood from these trees.

As she said, we know where the dead wood is – and it ain’t on these trees.

Turn the sound down on the video below that I took of some of these trees – it was cold and windy and I’m a dilettante, not a film maker.

Someone called Frank at Council provided the following information, minus grammatical correctness, and the GM shared it.

Which are the “selected” trees are [sic] affected by pruning?

  • the selected trees are the Ficus sp running parallel with Maitland Rd Islington.

What level of pruning, [sic] will the removal of dead wood require any extra lopping to facilitate this

  • the level of pruning is to remove dead wood as per the definition in the Australian Standard 4373 pruning of healthy branches is not required in order to facilitate the removal of dead wood. [all sic]

Is there any plan for canopy reduction?

  • there is no other crown management work programmed for these trees, the work will be  carried out and supervised by qualified arborists.

How many days should residents expect this work to take, during what hours?

  • the works will be carried out from Monday to Friday with the hours specified in regard to noise in line with the protection of the Environment ACT 1997 over a period of several weeks weather pending [sic].

Will the mulch stay on site to help deal with the psyllid problem?

  • the dead wood material will not be left on site. Any mulching if figs  would be carried out in isolation to this work as part of biannual mulching programme


I saw about ten medium-sized dead branches. Go and have a look for yourself – BEFORE MONDAY, because that’s when the vandals are coming.



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