Waiting for the riot police 21.8.2012


Poor Fullerton Cove just outside town is the site of a blockade to Lock the Gate against coal seam gas mining.

The police have told residents they’ll be there tomorrow.

Some lunkhead copper was taking down car number plates today. Jerk. I wonder if they’ll be assaulting ordinary people tomorrow.

Who do they serve? Who do they protect?

I’m sure we can trust the police to look after us – just as Dart Energy and the landowner who gave Dart permission to drill on his/her land have the planet’s and the local community’s best interests at heart.

Here is Michael Osborne from the Greens at Fullerton Cove:

Where are the other parties and local council aspirants?

Poor planet. Poor community.

Picked a few virtual sores tonight at the last Newcastle City Council meeting for the year. Talk about going out with a whimper.

Nice to see a few council careers come to a spluttering end: Cr Sharpe, Cr Boyd, Cr King, Cr Connell – the latter actually turning up for a change. I’d like to think the Laman Street campaign played a small role in them allĀ  leaving the band to follow a different drummer.

With a bit of luck their legacies in future endeavours won’t be so negative.





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