OK – I’ll tell them 17.8.2012


A tree cracked in Broadmeadow recently so NCC are chopping it down.

These are the trees dubbed ‘heritage’ by Newcastle City Council. The spaces where trees have been lost over the years are going to be filled in with new figs, starting either in August or October or December depending on who you listen to.

They still haven’t replaced the fifty natives they felled to replace a gutter and drain on the southern side of the street but I’m guessing that’s not happening. Ever. Take that, birds and insects that feed on nectar.

Sounds reasonable to remove a big cracked tree.

Why they wouldn’t let the public know is beyond me. Councillors received an internal memo. Sadly, none of them thought to do a media release, I would have thought they all knew by now that they have to do management’s job for them.

A note on the tree pages on the NCC website, a media release from Frank Someone, one of their favoured signs saying ‘This tree is under investigation‘ – anything.

Oh: that’s right. NCC had their process review after Laman Street and concluded that “‘Tell ’em nothin’” is the way to go.

The tree’s not the only thing that’s cracked.

And speaking of cracked, did I tell you that one of the topics at this year’s Treenet symposium is a presentation on ‘Lessons from Laman Street’.

Followed by five minutes of questions via SMS.

*Screech of derision*

Wonder why Treenet would let itself be used in this way. Home


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One Response to “OK – I’ll tell them 17.8.2012”

  1. Scott CooperJohnston (@ScotCoJohn) Says:

    “Chop them down, say nothing of it.” That’s the outcome from all our hard work? NCC are beyond negligent. I am looking forward to seeing certain heads roll out the door after September.

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