Oh joy: almost two minutes of frogs 14. 8.2012


Went home later tonight so you can’t see much in this funny little video but the frogs calling is to die for.

In this area ‘Lock the gate’ signs are everywhere. Hope they win.

And in other environmental news, one of the Newcastle Lord Mayoral candidates today extolled the virtue of bamboo. In Australia. In the Hunter to be exact. To hide coal piles.

The Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group – read BHP – put in tubestock of presumably researched natives in front of the Kooragang coal piles almost two years ago. As was required by the approval process.

I see a lonely worker tending faithfully and often what may one day far into the future be tall trees.

I wonder if s/he predicted that her/his environmental science degree would lead to this.

And I wonder what s/he thinks about bamboo.

Maybe there are other feral plants we could use. Vigorous, even. When I used to garden, it took me a while to notice that the descriptor  ‘vigorous’ meant ‘Don’t touch this with a barge pole’.

Go John or Jim or Jeff or whatever your name is. What other great ideas do you have?


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One Response to “Oh joy: almost two minutes of frogs 14. 8.2012”

  1. architectgja Says:

    Lovely, the frogs, that is…

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