Poor Bloody Lone Pine



Six months these ridiculous straps have been hanging off the Lone Pine.

Wouldn’t it be great if NCC had some expertise in management of heritage trees?

Two of the managers recently received awards within Council for tree-related disasters matters.

One of the under-managers received an award for his involvement in vandalism management of Laman St. *cough*

And everyone’s hero, Frank Cordingley, received a Staff Development award for two things: planting trees *cough* and No 2 Sportsground.

That would be the sportsground where an extra $2million has to be spent because the fire exits are too narrow.

I guess that Wasn’t. Mr. Cordingley’s. Fault.

Or maybe a Development award is given when skill levels need to be Developed.

Best of luck with that.


One Response to “Poor Bloody Lone Pine”

  1. shepsta Says:

    Run for council/Lord Mayor pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.
    You’ll get at least 11,000 votes. There are probably 7 votes you won’t get but!

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