National Tree Day Sunday 29.7.2012


Save Our Figs will recognise National Tree Day on Sunday 29th July between 2 and 4pm in Civic Park near the fountain. Hope to see you there.

The theme Speak for the Trees will be emphasised by invited speakers who include David Shoebridge, Greens MLC.

BYO everything.

What news do I have?

Only 42 days till Council elections.

Prominent developer Jeff McCloy has said he will run for Lord Mayor. I think one of the things he emphasises is – wait for it – revitalising the CBD. I wonder why a business person so keen on a vital CBD would leave his hotel the Lucky Country empty for years? He has plans for it at last and the Herald claims work has begun but it used to be a great little music venue. This article says curfew laws stuffed it.

Imagine – a developer in the top job. He of course doesn’t believe that there’ll be a conflict of interest.

Imagine – a council officer writing an unfavourable report about one of such a Lord Mayor’s projects.

Imagine – bottomless coffers to pay for advertising.

Imagine – the Liberal Party aren’t fielding a candidate for Lord Mayor now that Mr McCloy has nominated. Perhaps they had no talented candidates.




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