Misery 24.7.2012


This is the entrance to the little park in Wickham that is being ?improved by Council.

I went to have a look at the ‘Tree protection zone‘ signs.

Couldn’t believe my eyes. Wondered if been transported to Brisbane.

Amazed by both the signs and the mulch which spread as far as the eye could see. Council can’t mulch the Knowledge tree in Wickham or the trees in Gregson Park or the trees in Adamstown or Islington Park – all missed this year – but they can put so much mulch in Wickham that it even covers the entranceway to this little park.

Have you ever walked through mulch? Have you tried to push a pram or a wheelchair through it? Not fun or easy. In fact, miserable. Maybe they don’t want anyone to go there. Small mistake, I suppose. Why worry if we can’t get into the park easily.

They’ve even mulched around the trees on the footpath – dug up the grass that was growing around them and put mulch down. Good on ’em. Presumably without damaging any of the roots, of course, since it’s a tree protection zone.

Or maybe those figs don’t have any roots.

And re more misery: I received a comment from a Newcastle person about my whines about Wickham Park – he said I’m a miserable cow. In fact, his exact words were ‘Your a miserable cow.’ Not ‘you’re a miserable cow.’

At least I can spell.  Cheers.








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One Response to “Misery 24.7.2012”

  1. architectgja Says:

    Well Caity, if you are indeed a miserable cow as that buffoon has claimed, then we could do well with a whole herd of miserable cows who care about the world in which we live.

    Happy to join the herd,
    : )

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