No understanding of conifers 13.7.2012



An arborist friend saw the straps on our Lone Pine last weekend and rang me to express his disgust.

Most Newcastle people don’t even know the town has a clone of the Lone Pine from Gallipoli because council has failed to promote it or even signpost it.

My theory about that is that there’s a lack of will to keep it and an organisational desire to move the Memorial Grove it’s standing in so that it’s away from the Art Gallery. What a trendy spot it would be for a sculpture garden.

Anyway, the friend who saw the tree said the straps in his view were unnecessary and showed a fundamental lack of understanding of the growth characteristics of conifers.

I recall hearing about a park in ?Parramatta where a conifer growing at an angle was expected to fall over decades ago.

It’s still standing.

The straps in the Grove in my view are to make the tree look ugly and unstable.

Spin doctors clunking away in the background. Still.



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2 Responses to “No understanding of conifers 13.7.2012”

  1. architectgja Says:

    While not a conifer, this tree in the forecourt at Santa Cruz City Hall was allowed to grow successfully with a large tilt in the trunk. It has naturally righted itself and remains healthy:

  2. Caity Raschke Says:

    Gorgeous tree and fantastic photo Ed – thanks for sharing.

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