The’re kidding 12.7.2012



Newcastle City Council rationalised *screech of derision* their tourist information provision a few months ago.

Instead of a shopfront in Hunter Street they opted for a dozen (?) touchscreens dotted across town.

I saw one in a hotel in Hamilton when Mike Ellison, a tree expert, was visiting. It didn’t work.

Today’s at Marketown** gets the WTF prize.

It’s not at the front door. It’s not in the front foyer. It’s not in the 1st floor foyer.

It’s up an escalator and along the corridor that leads to the toilets.

Eejits. [Not the shopping centre – NCC.]

**Huge apologies for the missing T in ‘Market town’. It’s with the L missing from El(l)ermore Vale and the R missing from War(r)abrook and the E’s left off every street sign in Newcastle with Avenue abbreviated incorrectly to ‘Av’.

I blame NCC’s tree department. For everything.



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One Response to “The’re kidding 12.7.2012”

  1. Bryan Says:

    I think your blog is one of the most delightful blogs coming out of Newcastle. You seem able to pick up on the many absurdities that. We. Deal. With. on a daily basis (mostly of course related to trees). Spread your branches into other areas and keep us on our toes.

    I understand that it has been traditional for major cities to put tourist information in busy areas where there are tourists, but there is a new theory about.

    Tourists don’t like to be identified as tourists (hence the term ‘visitor’) so they tend to visit suburban shopping centres rather than the tourist attractions. The other more universal acknowledgement is that after paying a visit to the toilet (or ‘bathroom’ for those under 30) everyone is much more relaxed, and will try anything, even a tourist kiosk.


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