Gloating 11.7.2012


Went to my first Council meeting in ages last night. You should have been there.

Apart from the facts that the air conditioning is set on pre-realisation-of-climate-change hot and that the sound system is still QRAP, there were some great aspects to the night.

Didn’t have to see or hear Cr Boyd.

Other absentees were Connell, Jackson and Crakanthorpe.

Cr Buman was in a suit. We weren’t fooled though.

The main issue I went to hear was King Edward Park. It’s old news that a private function centre is to be built on public parkland. Still gobsmacked at that, but not the point.

Councillors for some reason agreed to this travesty on the condition that a path for public access be provided on the southern side of the building – what Cr Osborne called tonight ‘the smallest of concessions’ – and that there be a public kiosk.

So what did the developer do? Put in a section 96 application to have the DA amended To. Omit. The. Path.

And what did our community-minded council staff recommend to the elected Council? That the path indeed be omitted.

So how wonderful was it that their recommendation was rejected by all the councillors present except for Cr Buman. As I said – the suit fooled no one.

Cr Claydon called it ‘illuminating’ that the developer had done this. She said it was ‘cheeky’. She described the path as compensation for alienation from public land. Even Cr Cook couldn’t ignore that it was contrary to the public interest to remove the path and he acknowledged the depth of feeling in the community about retaining access to the land.

A big finger to my favourite admin officers.





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