Lessons learned?



I wrote a whiney email to the GM of council a couple of weeks ago asking about this tree and yesterday I received a reply.

I was worried about the really long branch on the northern side of the tree.

I was concerned that if the branch failed it would lead to removal of the whole tree.

Well, Mr Pearce gave the job of replying to me to an insignificant minion, Frank Something.

The tree will be assessed the week starting July 9.

He tells me that current best practice is NOT to remove large branches preventatively.

They must have learned something then because council workers have been cutting major branches off mature trees for the last ten years.

Ain’t it wonderful what some arboricultural training will do for an organisation?



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One Response to “Lessons learned?”

  1. Jacky Says:

    So, let me get this right. They would rather remove the entire tree than to remove a major branch preventatively?

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