Apologies to Terry 5.7.2012



The sign from the last blog entry.

And in more current Newcastle news there was yet another story in the newspaper yesterday about The Rail Line That Is Ruining Newcastle. The ?devitalisation of the CBD isn’t because of huge shopping centres ringing Newcastle; it’s because of a public transport corridor. [edit: Being sarcastic. I should have said ‘Yeah right.’]

My favourite Paragraphs from the article are these:

“Despite the [global financial crisis] and an emasculated property market, development continues to occur in the Honeysuckle precinct while the Hunter Street strip continues to languish,” David Rose from Suters Architects said.

“This represents a serious illness for the City of Newcastle. While most accept the city needs to be revitalised there is no clear agreement between the three tiers of government, business and the community how this can be achieved.

“The NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan is currently under way and a regional forum was held in Newcastle in early April. [At which the vast majority agreed the rail should be retained.]

“There have now been more than 40 studies into the potential for transport in and around Newcastle done in the past few years and still no action has been taken.”¬† [What action? It’s not broken so we don’t need to fix it; we’re Keeping It. How is that not ‘action? I guess it doesn’t require the services of architects…]

The report by Mr Rose and Michael McPherson, also from Suters, acknowledged the proposed law courts at the civic precinct and the University of Newcastle city campus would help revive the CBD. [
How are the students going to get to the CBD? I know – train.]

And a holiday snap:



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2 Responses to “Apologies to Terry 5.7.2012”

  1. Terry McCauley Says:

    Thanks for the photo. A local one for me.
    We will have to disagree with the rail corridor if I reading your comments correctly.
    Public transport is vital for any vibrant and vital city that continues to grow and provide services for its community, be it above or below ground.
    All modern cities around the world have transport into their hearts, they could not function without it. Newcastle people need to realise this and let go of their desire to remove the rail and corridor. Once gone it will never return. Have Newcastle people not learnt from the loss of the Wallsend, Toronto and Readhead rail lines, or are we all too young to not remember them?

  2. Caity Raschke Says:

    Sorry. Next time I’ll make my sarcasm more obvious. I think to remove the rail would be really stupid and would only keep developers happy.

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