Wickham Park 3.7.2012



This sign is the design for Council’s fiddling with a tiny park in Wickham.
The park already has an antique set of swings that have weathered well the decades since I attended the preschool next door.
The see-saw that lacerated my brother’s chin is long gone.
Hill’s figs sit on a rise at the back of the park and line the street in front.
The plans to mess with sorry upgrade the space include a flying fox which strikes me as odd because Islington park residents were told some time ago they couldn’t have one because of the cost. Wickham is such a little park and so few people use it.
Build it and they will come, presumably.
Newcastle City Council’s favourite tree the tuckeroo *groan* and second favourite the magnolia – if only these fed birds and bats like figs – will both get a guernsey. Presumably they’re the evil sorry trendy replacements for the figs.
The design shows a path winding around the park. I hope the well-meaning and tree-loving geniuses in infrastructure will ensure building the path won’t damage the existing trees.
It was a lovely spot for our last fig picnic and I’m sure for all my bitching the park will be great after it’s been messed with.And some extra play equipment may transform it from being a ‘lazy asset’ and thus out of the grasp of some of the Council managers.


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