A Job to Apply For 1.7.2012



I know a few people who have some experience in trying to maintain trees – they’d be perfect for a job advertised at Newcastle City Council yesterday.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the Tree Maintenance Officer’s job would involve tree preservation. Barricades were manned in Newie for the very purpose of preserving trees so tree maintenance is right up our alley.

So taking the spirit of the job seriously here’s where you apply.

Get this:

Position Selection Criteria


  1. Possess AQF IV Horticulture (Arboriculture). [Correct me if I’m wrong but some of the most senior staff there don’t have this now.]…
  2. Substantial experience in Visual Tree assessment, Tree Hazard Evaluation and associated reporting with demonstrated knowledge of relevant Australian Standards, WorkCover Codes of Practice and experience in their practical application in relation to the tree industry. [As usual, there’s no need to be able to recognise the benefits of trees.]
  3. Strongly developed verbal and written communication skills with a demonstrated ability to provide accurate and clear technical advice to a wide range of stakeholders. [Accurate? This is new.]
  4. Demonstrated strong negotiation and mediation skills in an environment with a high level of customer issues. [*Snort. ‘Customer issues.’ *Snort again. No one in Council as far as I can see now is any good at mediation – in fact, at least one member attended mediation with part of the community last year and walked out before it began.  What a joke.]
  5. Demonstrated ability to work in a team based environment that endeavours to focus on continuous improvement and demonstrated experience in adapting to, influencing and leading change in a working environment.
  6. etc.

I look forward to hearing which ‘longstanding’ staff member is leaving. Presumably the news will be cause for celebration.

Newcastle City Council tree team need to read this from Arborecology:

“Claus Mattheck stresses the limitations of [the system of Visual Tree Assessment] by saying; “We can use VTA to state to what extent a defective tree is at greater risk of breaking, compared with a completely sound one.

“However, since nature’s principle of lightweight structures allows a natural failure rate to occur even without defects, there can be no absolute guarantee of safety.” It is essential that any arborist using VTA has a broad range of experience of different tree species, as individuals and in groups, to enable them to make informed and reasoned decisions about ‘tree safety’.”

NCC Just. Don’t. Get. This.



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One Response to “A Job to Apply For 1.7.2012”

  1. Hugh Says:

    At the very least they notice you. I suspect though, being NCC rather than genuinely getting an enthusiastic intuitive intelligent go-getter, they will employ someone as a ‘tick box’ who will just be a yes man to the tree-lop build-westfield brigade.

    watch this space.

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