This is how grateful they are 30.6.2012


The photo below is of a letter I received yesterday from Newcastle City Council along with its empty envelope.

It’s dated two weeks from now.
July 16.
*shakes head*
The letter says thank you to the 2800 people who take part in Newcastle Voice‘s surveys.

*adds up the cost of the stamps.

*wonders why an email wasn’t sent instead.

These surveys were started by Lindy Hyam, I believe, the former GM who resigned at the time the ABC did an investigation into some aspects of the Council. Sorry, it was to take up a highly paid position with a US company. No, sorry again, she took up a job with Singleton Council.
Anyway, we all feel misty-eyed about the contribution she made to Newcastle. Not.
The surveys tick a box for Community Engagement. The questions often feel like ‘do you like us a lot or do you like us heaps?’
People do these surveys to help or to feel engaged or empowered or informed or because they’re bored.
The letter says it contains a small token of thanks for taking part.
We don’t need a gift.
Which is fortunate because the small token was missing.

Are they giving us the finger again? Home



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3 Responses to “This is how grateful they are 30.6.2012”

  1. Avril Says:

    What more could/would you expect from them……………..NO surprises there !!!!

  2. Avril Says:

    oh, and a friend came to stay a cple of days, from down near the Cox’s River, who owns ‘The 6ft Track’ Eco Lodge (approx 2hrs south of Katoomba)….even she (they) had heard of ,and knew about the SHOCKING……..
    ‘Fig Tree Debacle’
    Except it was FAR FROM SUDDEN !!!

    DEFINATELY getting a name for yourself Newcastle Council:
    Just NOT in a good way !!!

    • Caity Raschke Says:

      Here’s hoping that after the next election there will be enough Councillors with the courage to stand up to the grey men and the honourary grey women in council management.

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