Ravenshaw Street fig 26.6.2012


The short typically-amateurish video below is of the fig in the last post.

One of the things that bothers me is Council’s vandalism of the tree: what makes a Council worker think it’s OK to paint on a tree?

And the other thing that bothers me is the length of the northern-most branch and the strength of the junction of this branch and the trunk.

Anyway, I hope this is just showing my ignorance. If I didn’t think senior Council staff were hoping for the failure of every mature tree in Newcastle it wouldn’t be an issue.

All of which is so minor when it comes to other issues in town. When I was walking past the Maitland Rd, Islington figs yesterday a man stopped to talk to me and pointed out that Council’s lack of maintenance of trees is just to distract us from what’s ‘really going on around us’.

Like selling off assets.

And NCC finally picked up the QRAP in Gregson Park, I’m told. They’re quick. And on the ball. And responsive to the community. Yeah right.



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One Response to “Ravenshaw Street fig 26.6.2012”

  1. Jacky Says:

    Ah, there’s that painted cross on a tree again. Marked for removal? If this tree was on private land it would have had that branch pruned to reduce the load on the tree. Not NCC though, they’d rather have an excuse to remove the entire tree.

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