The boys in blue, approved compliance techniques and truth 15.6.2012


Interesting story in the Sydney Morning Herald yesterday.

In summer a cricket-goer at the SCG was filmed being punched repeatedly by a police officer. The footage was aired on national television and it turned out that the officer was the son of someone important – who I seem to recall knew instantly  that the police officer filmed had acted correctly.

The Sydney Morning Herald is following the court hearing about the matter and has helpfully published the footage again. It’s interesting to note that the officer used ‘approved techniques‘ and that his colleague saw nothing. Presumably the colleague who saw nothing isn’t the person in the video who looks as though he’s right behind the officer who has been charged.

When Laman Street campaigners climbed over fences in October and sat in front of fences in February  the police used ‘approved techniques’ on several of us. For my part, since we’d never been asked by the police to move and were instead assaulted, sorry, ‘managed in an approved manner’ – actions do speak louder than words after all – I complained to the local police department.

A couple of interesting things came out of it: neither police officer was able to view two of the three videos I sent them by email. Apparently the police department has a firewall their investigative skills couldn’t breach. Yeah right.

And pinching and trying to break someone’s wrist is ‘approved management’. And the last, presumably most senior officer’s conclusion was that ‘I knew I needed to move’ even though the direction wasn’t given.

I recall that when a woman fell outside the Council chamber after being pushed by a councillor,  the police spokesman said ‘the allegation had been refuted.

“One of the problems was that many of the so-called witnesses were not independent,” he said. Che?

Speechless. Anyway, if you can bear watching someone being beaten up, have a look at the SMH video of one of our finest.





3 Responses to “The boys in blue, approved compliance techniques and truth 15.6.2012”

  1. jacinta Says:

    I recall when a woman was assaulted by [a manager] from NCC, on sat.june2nd 2012 at Gregson Parks when NCC were removing an huge Moreton Bay fig (paying workers w/e rates), the police spokesman said “the allegation had been refuted”. The police spokesman told the woman what had happened after hearing [the manager’s] story and would not listen to the woman’s side of the story.

  2. Caity Raschke Says:

    I remember the same incident. The history taken by the police service was a joke. As I said on the day to the officer in question, if I took histories like that at work I’d never be able to make a diagnosis.

  3. AVRIL Says:

    They certainly think/know… they are a ‘Law unto themselves’
    Having said that,
    The Ombudsman for NSW Police…….can be very helpful in giving them a shake-up; it just reminds ‘them’
    THERE IS SOMEONE they have to answer to……… after all !!!

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