Ten years of growth 12.6.2012


imageThis tree is Council’s pride and joy.

It was one of the first trees planted in one of their beloved vaults.

It replaced, or tries to replace, a huge and beautiful fig tree removed – Council describes it as ‘lost’ – about ten years ago  from Hamilton because it had the temerity to be more than twenty years old.

Underwhelmed by the poor tree’s size? Me too. Home


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2 Responses to “Ten years of growth 12.6.2012”

  1. citygreen north america Says:

    Very shameful. In 10 years they just plant one tree in replacement of a big fig tree. If I am in chief council then I will surely plant hundreds of trees and I dont understand all nations talk about global warming when it comes to urban development they cut trees and not replant it. This is a big shame.


    • Caity Raschke Says:

      I’ve misled you Brenda. Sorry about that. Council claim they have planted lots of fig trees across the city. My problem with the tree in this post is that i) they took out a perfectly healthy tree where this little one is now and ii) the growth of its replacement seems retarded to me and i wonder whether it’s because of the vault/underground box that cost $30 000 to plant the tree in.

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