Treehugger Saves Lives 4.6.2012



Thanks to a friend for this photo.
The fence in the photo is looking the worse for wear because a great lump of tree trunk had just fallen against it.
Fortunately the geniuses tree team from Council had blocked off this path with a piece of tape – over an hour after they started work.
Women with prams had been using the walkway and treehuggers
locals had been standing on the path watching.
In fact a friend tells me she felt the tape was put up to keep treehuggers like her out not to keep the public safe. Hence the title of the post.
I wonder why this had to be done on a Saturday? The park’s busiest time, a weekend, and the Sabbath for the Seventh Day Adventist Church across the street.
If Council didn’t have a pathological need for secrecy they would have put a sign on the tree announcing why it was being removed – not just one of the ‘Trees working for you’ signs – and a link on its website to the arborist report on the tree.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there’d been a fauna expert present to ensure no wildlife would be injured?
At least one of the locals is under the impression that the whole row of figs is dangerous and will be felled.
Wonder what QRAP NCC has told her and who was responsible.
The usual suspects, I presume.
As they say- 30 000 trees coming to you: as mulch.


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One Response to “Treehugger Saves Lives 4.6.2012”

  1. andy Says:

    This is looking more and more like an ‘Up Yours’ response from the council. They got away with pure vandalism with Laman Street, so now they are showing the public that NO-ONE can tell them what to do, as they move as quickly as they can, to destroy as many beautiful trees as they can.

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