Memorial Grove 31.5.2012


Had a couple of texts from people today worried about work in the Memorial Grove.

It seems someone may have been fiddling with the propaganda straps on the Lone Pine: the ones that are allegedly keeping the tree from falling down now that the fig trees are gone.

So I phoned Council and a lovely person in the parks department was going to call the tree department to get them to give me  a call.

I asked her if she wanted  me to spell my surname but she said no.

A couple of hours later I’m still waiting but we know how busy they are down there planning the felling of every mature fig in Newcastle looking after our urban forest.

So I called a friend who’s a veteran and he was going to call them.

Watch this space. Home


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3 Responses to “Memorial Grove 31.5.2012”

  1. Terry McCauley Says:

    Luv the tongue in cheek approach Caity! I am chuckling to myself!

  2. Nici Says:

    They can spell your surname?
    I wonder why?

  3. andy Says:

    There’s a good letter to the Editor in today’s Newcastle Herald mentioning Laman St figs.

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