Put in a submission to the Laman Street Rehab Project 23.5.2012


This is a post to ask you to put in a submission to Council’s Laman Street Design report stage 1.

The link to the report and background information is on this page http://www.newcastle.nsw.gov.au/council/community_consultation/public_exhibitions/public_exhibitions2/laman_street_design

If you’re overwhelmed by looking at it it’s quite short but if it makes it any easier these are the points that Save Our Figs have submitted:

  1. The replacement trees should be Hill’s Figs to be planted in the same locations.

  2. To plant the full suite of Hill’s Figs prior to 2004. We understand this number to be at least 18.
  3. Utility infrastructure in the vicinity should be placed in vaults rather than vaulting the tree roots – as per current best practice.

  1. To collaborate with the community to design and establish a permanent memorial to recognise appropriately the former avenue of Hill’s Figs and the extended community campaign to save them.

Remember, a submission can be as short as you like. One paragraph, one page, etc. It should be in your own words.

Send your comments to
The General Manager
The City of Newcastle
Laman Street Design
PO Box 489
NEWCASTLE NSW 2300or email: mail@ncc.nsw.gov.au by close of business Friday 25 May 2012.

Here’s hoping that in fifty years the street might look OK again.




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