Going, going, gone 17.5.2012


Arthur Park, where Council used what seemed to me to be a far-fetched trees-poisoned-with-RoundUp-story, was half destroyed this week.

Before and after shots of the vandalism. Double click to enlarge.

Gems from this week – the work is being done by Advanced Arbor Services – the heroes from Laman Street. There was an NCC rep there who allegedly told onlookers the trees were being taken out because one of the trees’ limbs had killed a child – there’s big news we all missed – because it’s wrong; the trees had undergone a ‘big study by NCC’; the trees had die back because of too much or too little rain last year. Etc etc.

And of course this is an example of council managers wreaking havoc in a new way. Recall the toxic ‘community engagement’ review after Laman Street? It concluded that in ‘operational’ matters (you can all almost anything that) community consultation should be avoided.

Managers are on five year contracts. We must be a considerable way through the current lot’s agreements.

Bets on the future of this park – tuckeroos as replacements or let the park sit idle for a few years then sell it off.



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4 Responses to “Going, going, gone 17.5.2012”

  1. jacinta Says:

    The trees have been removed in line with the back fenceline of the house next door. I expect that it will be sold as two or three
    housing blocks. The other trees past the fenceline have been trimmed and not removed as the ones before to the fenceline were.

  2. andy Says:

    Oh noooooooooooo! When will this vandalism spree ever end? Because the council wasn’t stopped over Laman Street, they think they have ‘Carte blanche’ to continue and do whatever their selfish, short-sighted selves please. Thank you Caity for the gigantic amount of effort you have put, in despite knowing you face an unwinnable battle-until the elections come anyway!

  3. my town Says:

    These people are answerable to ‘NO ONE”. Get rid of these vigilante vandals/butchers/developers!

    Vote GREEN and balance up our society’s priorities!

  4. citygreen Says:


    Many times in my country it was happen that trees killed man. Sometimes after a storm or heavy rain some branches of trees getting weak and fall down that might kill person who sit or passing under the tree. Government should not cut down whole tree instead of cutting down branches that weak and fall any time.


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