Trees Working for you… 4.5.2012


Those comedians in the marketing division of Newcastle City Council have been hard at work again  – get a load of a new sign that Sharon Healey found in Wallsend and shared with me – at the end of this post.

It’s near a beautiful fig tree that’s ‘under investigation’ and purports to tell us all the benefits that trees provide – and all the reasons to retain them, while obviously harbouring the intention to remove one.

And while we’re talking irony, a newspaper subeditor surpassed him/herself today. A truck ran into a tree in Lake Macquarie early yesterday morning. A branch fell off the tree as a result – and the paper called that ‘Fig damages truck’. Speechless. I’ll find the link tomorrow.

And Nick Greiner is hovering loudly and scarily over the rail line again, telling us how ugly our town is. Onya, Nick. Go away.



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2 Responses to “Trees Working for you… 4.5.2012”

  1. hugh Says:

    Honestly, the rail line can stay or go and it won’t bother me. But NCC degrading our public spaces with their westfield inspired design, must stop.

    Get rid of the useless layer of beuracracy in our council. Frank Cordingly’s linkedin says he went to Havard. On his profile it’s obvious he never went to havard at all, he went to a very expensive open to all short course in management at the business school there so that he could tell people “I went to Havard”.

    Joke. Anyway I bet my bottom dollar it’s geniuses like him who have ‘come up with an original thought’ like “liveable city”, and managed to sell it on to bloody useless inexperienced bottom feeders of the beuraucratic chain.

  2. AVRIL Says:

    HARVARD ? ? ?

    HARDLY ! ! !

    He IS kidding himself !

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