Gregson Park – the beginning of the end? Plus a picnic invite 4.5.2012


Thanks – I think – to a friend who lives in Hamilton for the phone call tonight about Newcastle City Council’s busy fence-renting department.

Hamilton’s beautiful Gregson Park is the beneficiary of the latest rows of steel – and NCC hasn’t forgotten the ironic/sarcastic signs about the benefits of trees.

The Google Earth shot is from 2006. The other shot is from a couple of weeks ago. If you haven’t visited recently, I’d be pessimistic that you’re ever going to see the park look its gorgeous 19th century self ever again.

The red lines are the trees that are now fenced off. I don’t expect that’s to look after the trees – I think it will be for the usual fear-mongering uglificating reasons used elsewhere around town.

This is the Wikipedia entry about a loved and valued Moreton Bay fig in California. And here’s a link to a post about another Californian tree that’s treasured and cared for, not discarded as these ones will no doubt be.

I look forward to being wrong.

I look forward to reading that I’ve been cynical and untrusting and that Newcastle City Council will lavish some extra care on these trees because they’re so important to the area.

And pigs will fly.

Go visit the park.

We’re having a get-together there in a couple of weeks – come along and hang out:

and Council Countdown
Sunday 13th May – Mother’s Day and 111 days to the Council election
11.00 to 2.00
Totally informal and quite possibly disorganised. BYO everything and get wet if it rains.
Come early, come late, or don’t come at all.



2 Responses to “Gregson Park – the beginning of the end? Plus a picnic invite 4.5.2012”

  1. Hugh Says:

    There is also a moreton bay fig tree over eighty years old which is in seville.

    here is a random person’s flikr account with a photo

    Large Moreton Bay Fig tree at Seville / Arbol centenario en Sevilla

    interestingly it doesn’t have a faulty root plate or whatever NCC’s General unmanageables, uhh I mean Frank Cordingly, uhhh no I mean the Arborist, Highly qualified Arborist, said.

  2. AVRIL BROWN Says:

    Thanks for the nice pic Hugh !

    Can’t the so-called ‘Arborist’ be sued,
    or even charged with murder ?
    Pity not……………

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