Islington – Ausgrid and NCC vandalism 2.5.2012


The poor tree in the photos below has been assaulted pruned by Ausgrid so much that it developed a crack in its base. That provided the excuse for Newcastle City Council to say it had to be felled.

It’ll be interesting to see if the fashionable zillion tuckeroos that NCC has planted under powerlines in recent years will live up to Council’s high expectations, unlike this poor paperbark.

I can take no credit for noticing this: a friend took these photos.



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2 Responses to “Islington – Ausgrid and NCC vandalism 2.5.2012”

  1. Terry McCauley Says:

    When all else fails use the old power line pruning trick!

  2. my town Says:

    That restored the ‘view corridor’ didn’t it!
    They can now see their neighbours across the street from their 2nd bedroom window and the balcony…Yipee

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