Armed Gunmen on Newcastle Streets 1.5.2012


After their three practice runs with Laman Street defenders, the riot police feel ready to roam the streets of Newcastle, going from one night spot to the next, supposedly keeping us safe from drunks.

Gotta stop those tazers from jamming through lack of use. Who better to use them on than young males?
Here’s a story about tazer deaths:

And below are pictures taken in Darby Street on Sunday. I hope the boys in blue were at least local. Why send all their wages to Sydney? I recall that in the fight to save Laman Street, some of us  contacted the Police Union to ask them to consider putting a work ban on Laman Street. It seemed a reasonable if somewhat desperate request at a time that police were using the same tactic, work bans, to preserve their death and disability protection.

We all know that the union failed to respond to any of our requests, the police were out in force in Laman St to stop the community and help destroy the street, and that travel allowance for each officer from out of town amounted to something like $1000 each. Why would one forego that just to support a community?

So I’m hoping travel allowances aren’t going to take up funding in the Laura Norder push for Newcastle weekends – and please don’t let the police service kill or maim anyone. Home






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