Million dollar footpath 23.4.2012



Two friends listened on Thursday to a Newcastle Council representative on local radio defend the apparently sudden removal of fifteen trees last week from Lambton Park.

Apologies for the hearsay since I missed the story, but what the friends heard was that arboricultural assessment of the trees attributed ‘low value’ to the trees.
The spokeswoman was proud that the trees would be replaced with tuckeroos.


What the listeners didn’t hear was that the trees – four of which were figs – were taken out to put in a shared path for pedestrians and cyclists, which is presumably why they were of low value.


I know my eyesight isn’t great but it looks to me as though the path could have been moved half a metre eastwards and the trees could have been left alone.


Oh sorry – they wouldn’t have been those rock-bottom-price tuckeroos, all in a  row… Fifteen or so years ago almost all the trees in Merewether (NZ Christmas tree/metrosideros) were lost to some disease. I hope there’s no tuckeroo disease round the corner. We’ll be up the creek.

The path is on its way all the way around the park. There are rows of figs along the next stretch so here’s hoping Council will leave those alone. They did a lovely job putting the path between two rows of spectacular mature fig trees on the opposite side of the park a couple of years ago.


I notice many of the figs in the park are described as ‘ailing’ in the 2010 ‘Lambton Park Strategic Plan and Plans of Management’. Watch out. The first two pics below are from Google Earth 2006; the last is a fig tree close to the next stretch of footpath.

I had a quick look for info on the path and found a 2009 document (Newcastle bike plan discussion paper 2009) that said the budget for the path would be $1 million and an undated document that said it would be $300 000.


$1 million is my favourite.




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3 Responses to “Million dollar footpath 23.4.2012”

  1. AVRIL BROWN Says:

    SACK ALL the A—HOLES that are agreeing to this LUNACY!!!
    Do they actually have a BRAIN between them ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
    WHY oh WHY, are we paying their wages ???
    Sack the mongrels… I say !

  2. andy Says:

    Ditto! This is UN-BE-LIEVABLE! Although, on second thoughts, quite believable from THIS council.

  3. elizabeth Says:

    I think this council has gone absolutely PSYCHO! We need to get rid of them all. It’s not just the trees either, the whole city is being sabotaged by these idiots.

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