How long has it been since these Adamstown Park figs were mulched?


I recall a year or so ago Newcastle City Council making a song and dance about mulching mature trees across town. My guess is that trees near Town Hall were mulched but not too many others.

Have a look at the ground around the figs in Adamstown Park.

Newcastle City Council have a cute expression – ‘whole of life tree management’. You’d think that would mean that a tree would be ‘managed’ for the whole of its life, wouldn’t you?

No – it means that a tiny, boring water gum next to a stormwater drain where no one goes is worth the same (lack of) care as an 80 year old fig tree. They have no idea how to look after trees.

Council’s neglect of the Adamstown Park trees is typical. Plant it, water it for a year, then do nothing until it’s time to fell it – or rather, fell it decades before it needs to be felled.

As usual, double-click on the images to make them larger. I like the bird’s nest in the first picture.



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