The Fall-Out from Laman Street 13.4.2012


The fall-out from Laman Street’s desertification is that all Newcastle’s large trees are in NCC’s firing line.

The trees in the first three photos below – shared by Roz –  are in a park in Adamstown, about three suburbs from Laman Street; they were allegedly sprayed by Council workers with Roundup [TM] four years ago and the bare branches at the tops of the trees are attributed to that assault.

The trees are slated for removal as a result.

As a know-nothing treehugger, I would have thought that pruning the branches  that have no leaves and looking after the trees, presumably by mulching them at the right time of year, would give them a chance to recover. I’ve asked some arborists so I’ll let you know what I find out.

I’m reasonably sure NCC has done nothing to care for these figs since the alleged poisoning took place but am happy to be corrected on that. As two of the few courses done by a senior member of the tree team are in education and communication, the fact that this happened is an epic fail – imagine: parks and garden staff spray so much poison around that it supposedly damages huge trees. Wouldn’t you be embarrassed to lead such an inadequately trained team?

The other photos are of Gregson Park in Hamilton which allegedly has five ‘ailing’ figs. A quick walk through the park today failed to show which trees look sick enough to take out.

This is the Herald article about the creative, green plan the tree team has for our city. Not.

In the comments – between the ‘chop, chop’ comments and ‘get on with it and chop them down’ a resident says figs have been removed from Mayfield West at the Cnr of Vickers & Carandotta Sts. Hadn’t noticed that.

You have to love the ‘trees will continue to deteriorate if not removed’. Yep: if they’re removed, they’ll certainly stop deteriorating. Nowhere to go but down. Onya, Linds.


Adamstown - double click to enlarge




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