Watch out for Hunter Water – because NCC may not 10.4.2012


A friend was alarmed today about Hunter Water Board operations worryingly close to fig trees in the residential part of Laman Street – so she asked questions about their plans.

This was her first message:

‘ The Hunter Water Board are currently on Laman Street (residential section) as there has been a reported water leak on the street near one of the fig trees. Hunter Water Board advised me that a ‘dig team’ will be coming today to dig into the ground to the pipes.

‘I advised that the community insists on a full tree inspection and we are very concerned that damage may happen to the trees. Hunter Water Board reported that a full tree inspection by a private company will occur should digging be required.

‘I advised that a community member will need to be present during the inspection. Community members are welcome to come and observe or ask questions. Hunter Water Board could not give me the time a tree inspection will be occurring and that I have to ask the team on the site.’

Later she said, ‘Hunter Water Board have advised that digging works will be put on hold for today. We had 3 observers on the street whilst the Hunter Water Board trucks drove by. Hunter Water Board advised that NCC must be present during any digging. ┬áThe NCC tree expert is on leave today.’

So if you’re in the area with your camera and your polite but assertive questions it could be useful. Sadly Hunter Water damaged the roots of one of the trees at the now-dead end of Laman Street last year and they could do the same now.

And can I recommend taking a tour of the Laman Street of your dreams by going to Google maps – Street view. I’m guessing it will be years before the Google drivers come back. Home


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2 Responses to “Watch out for Hunter Water – because NCC may not 10.4.2012”

  1. jerome Says:

    to any body reading i did approach the workers and asked them if the rest of the trees were coming down . they said no there just working to repair a leak.Also they said this leek could not feed a sparrow to survive. FACT.These are words from men who have been in this area of work for many years. They were in there

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